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Pat's Meanders

Pat's Meanders


Last early century, over the school yard fence, you might hear, "Turn to the East, Turn to the West, Turn to the one that you love best..." a little ditty that was sung to a game at recess.

Choosing one's best friend wasn't highly complicated. Like the flavor of the day, primary age youngsters could shift from title bestowal of a best friend nature without weighing the consequences.

The sensitive child might suffer disappointment if not chosen "best" but the game's momentum didn't buckle and the next day, luck or favor might be hers or his.

Forward to adulthood and the Game of Life changes things when naming/ choosing "best." The question about what is best, time-appropriate, circumstance driven, ups the stakes, whether sports, a mood of transportation, a college or university, a clinic, your best man at your wedding, a mate for a hazardous mountain climb, a new baby sitter, a second driver for a cross country road trip, a plumber, a clothing item with versatility when on travel, or even the best product to keep your shower bright and shiny! The list is almost limitless.

Who hasn't asked themselves the question, "Who should I go to for advice on the "best"? Trusted family member, sibling, friend, clergyperson, professional, neighbor are in the lineup for opinion, recommendation on best... Used to be, "Trial and error" got a work out.

But with today's access to information via the internet, and instant connectivity blah, blah, blah, some would point to it being easier to come up with "best." Not to discount the tried and true methods of those who self-determine best and to use the same option here, I am going to select the best of two topics for a meander--and do it in short order.

I'll put it to you straight. Two subjects are contending for a chance to meander this week. Which one would be best? I have to decide the best one. Shall I explore a dinner menu of Mme.de Rohan-Chabot of "Maison de Famille", the family chateau located in the region of the Auvergne, in France?

Mme.Rohan Chabot is known as Joy to her friends; on the professional scale, as a decorator, designer and painter. It was her statement about food and friends that gave me signals that a subject was forming for your consumption (?), food and culture being standards for article material.

I'll let Joy speak. "I would want people to come even if there was only some saucisson and a scrap of bread, and the wine was bad. I think the company rather than the food should be the reason one goes to a private house."

She goes on to say, "I have great friends whose food I know will be perfectly disgusting and I don't care. I have soup at home before I go and something when I get back."

I read her recipes for Bastille Day celebrations (four days), quite some time ago but keep going back to the photos of the food, the chateau de Duegne--great rainy day browsing among my books. I can nosh on a sandwich but be in France for "dessert" via Mme's accounting of life in a chateau with 37 rooms, where I don't need to cook, dust, do laundry nor hold up a reputation as a hostess.

"Back to school" as a best pick for my meander subject this week? The best of that can fit in five sentences. Our kindergarten granddaughter came with her daddy to say bye, show off her Miss Kitty bookbag (bigger than she is). But that wasn't the biggest thing she wanted to show and tell about. She is interested in insects, and we have them aplenty.

Turning the bookbag around to the back bottom pocket, she put in her hand to show me, "the very first grasshopper to go to school", and she had it in her bookbag! Her smiling daddy helped release the grasshopper with the standard family answer to wildlife of all sorts, "We'll let it go now. It has work to do." Satisfied, we gave hugs and waves. The best had been found!

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